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Louisiana’s Frighteningly High Incarceration Rate

Louisiana’s Frighteningly High Incarceration Rate Read full article

18 May 2017, 4:11 pm

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Video: Erdoğan Security Assaulting Protestors on American Soil (DH)

Video taken by Voice of America captured Turkish security guards punching and kicking protesters in front of the Turkish ambassador’s residence in Washington, DC. It is not clear if DC police took any action against the marauding guards.

Louisiana Number One in Incarceration (Trevin)

Compare its rate of 816 prisoners per 100K citizens with Russia’s 492, China’s 119, France’s 100, and Germany’s 78.

Trump to Announce $350 Billion Saudi Arms Deal and ‘Arab Nato’ (Jimmy)

The Indepedent writes, “Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman began negotiations on this deal shortly after the 2016 US election when he sent a delegation to Trump Tower to meet with the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is serving as a senior advisor of sorts to Mr Trump.”

Brazil President Michel Temer Implicated in Bribery (Jimmy)

The Guardian writes, “Angry crowds and outraged members of Brazil’s congress have demanded the impeachment of President Michel Temer following reports he was secretly recorded discussing hush money payoffs to a jailed associate.”

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