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Return of Koch Brothers

Return of Koch Brothers Read full article

9 January 2017, 3:03 pm

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Neo-liberal Economics Driven by Ideology, Not Science (Jimmy)

Economist Ann Pettifor argues that there is a reason mainstream economic policies insist on bailing out bankers and not the poor. “Unsurprisingly, these flawed theories and models are a great comfort to financial elites – which is why so many economists are hired and funded by big banks, corporations and the wealthy,” she writes.

Border Wall Plan Coming Together. Kind Of. (Dan)

As many heard last week, Trump is asking Congress to pay for the campaign-pledged border wall along the US-Mexico border. Mexico will “repay us” on the backend, according to Trump. This payment plan not only confuses many Trump voters – who were promised Mexico would pay – but angers hard-line conservatives who now have to find spending that offsets any money set aside for an expensive border wall.

Iceberg Size of Delaware About to Break Off from Antarctica (Russ)

Researchers say it could cause the collapse of a massive ice shelf on the continent. What will the deniers say about that, one wonders.

McConnell: Trump’s Russia Friendship “Dashed’ Quickly (Dan)

Establishment Republicans are teaming with post-election embittered Democrats to punish Russia for alleged hacking claims – and it is their candidate that won!

Koch Brothers, Revived by Trump Victory, Target People of Color (Russ)

Super cynical ploy to convince minorities that renewable energy is somehow bad for them.

US Lists Bin Laden’s Son as a Terrorist (Dan)

The 27-year old is now on the terrorist watch list, placing many limitations on travel and financing. The son of the infamous Saudi terrorist pledges revenge  for the death of his father as well as retribution against the West for many grievances shared by his late father. Proof again that ideology is not mortal.

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